Westchester Core Values

Who we seek to become by God's grace

Based Biblically

Because we believe the Bible is the inspired word of God, completely true, the authoritative guide for faith and Christian living and a primary catalyst for transformation of individuals' lives, we dedicate ourselves to know, understand and teach the Bible and apply it to our daily living.

Worship Continually

Because we believe God is worthy of our full praise and thanks, we seek to passionately express our devotion to Him in all of life, together and individually.

Praying Effectively

Because we believe that God is powerful to answer prayer and desires both to hear from us and to communicate with us and recognizing our own inadequacy; we come before Him in confidence and anticipation and make spending time in prayer a priority.

Living Joyfully

Because of God's miraculous work for us.  His Holy Spirit in us and the hope He gives us; we experience joy that we naturally express outwardly, especially together with others.  Our church-life should be full of joy.

Sharing Unitedly

Because we believe commUNITY is based on the unity produced by the Spirit of God dwelling in each of us and is an expression of our oneness with God through Jesus Christ; we seek, in our individuality, to promote love and unity in all that we do.

Extending Lovingly

Because we believe we have a God given mission to extend His Kingdom by making disciples of Jesus Christ who then make other disciples and we believe that each individual disciple is called to have a unique part in that mission, both locally and globally; we seek, as individuals and as a fellowship, to extend His Kingdom.

Giving Generously

Because God has given us His love so abundantly and has entrusted to us time, treasure and talent; we seek to honor Him by generously giving of these to bless others and extend His Kingdom.

Aiming Generationally

Because we believe that one of the greatest responsibilities God gives us is to prepare the next generation to follow Him; we make teaching and supporting our children, youth, parents and future leaders a priority.

Serving Tangibly

Because Jesus loved and served sacrificially and has given us gifts for the purpose of extending God's love to others; we seek to sacrificially serve others both inside and outside the church.