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Right Now Media

We have put together a playlist suggestion on our Westchester Page in Right Now Media. There are many topical or book studies available to watch just like you would Netflix- and it’s all free! You are able to access these studies on smart phones, laptops and tablets, smart TVs, or other streaming devices.

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Bible Reading Plans


If you are new to daily bible reading start here:

5x5x5 Reading Plan- This plan from the Navigators is a great starting point- 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week, 5 ways to go deeper. This will take you through the whole New Testament over the course of this year.

Bible in a Year Plans

M’Cheyne Reading Plan- This reading plan, popularized by 19th Century minister Robert Murray M’Cheyne takes you through the whole Bible in a year by reading from 4 different parts. The idea is it starts at all the “beginning” points in scripture- Genesis, Ezra, Matthew, Acts. It gives good variety in reading and better comprehensive understanding

Genre Reading Plan- Try this plan out with Pastor Austin this year. This plan goes through the whole Bible in a year but focuses on a different genre each day.